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She immediately notified Sam that she was "cancelling" the contract. Sam must also demonstrate that the contract is valid and enforceable. To answer these challenges, orthodox accounts of contract must vindicate—both in doctrine and in theory—the distinctive and unmediated role of intentions in creating and fixing contractual obligations.

And this entails that the restitutionary remedies preferred by those who propose to recast contract in fiduciary terms expose contracting parties to the risk of costly renegotiations, which destroy contractual surplus and thus set back the interests of both promisors and promisees.

Jane explictly held out that Ralph was her real estate broker. It addresses defences to liability arising in contract. He may also claim that the opposing party entered into it fraudulently. You should absolutely keep these two groups separate in your mind as you analyze the contract, first analyzing the defenses in group 1, then analyzing the defenses in group 2.

Contracts create a special relationship between the parties to them, constituted by strict liability, forward-looking obligations that reach beyond the tort obligations of reasonable care that persons owe even to strangers.

Contracts – “Short Essay” Question and Answer “Rights of John & Pete”

But this is not the case here, where Pollitt's remarks are, to put matters charitably, confusing. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. This example is presented by Raz Such a verdict cannot readily be assimilated to tort; it is most naturally explained and justified by the recognition of contract as a distinctive legal form.

Begin with doctrine Offer and acceptance each specifically require an intention to establish an obligation through this very intention. Certain moral theorists have, for some time and with increasing force, adopted a parallel line of attack against orthodox contract law. Even though divorce can be obtained quite easily nowadays in the United States, married individuals cannot simply scrap their marriage agreement; and the terms of their divorce are constrained, among other things, by the rights of children.

Contract and Tort Law

However, justice and fairness demand the undisclosed principal hold liability in such cases. Fiduciary loyalty necessarily involves a measure of affirmative, open-ended other regard. Alternatively, however, he may use breach of contract defenses to win the court case. At this point we might conclude that Pollitt is so completely confused that there is little point in attempting to reformulate her argument.

Laches is an equitable defense in which a defendant claims that the plaintiff failed to assert a right within a reasonable amount of time, and that the delay in asserting the right prejudiced the defendant's interests and ability to defend against the claim.

Affirmative defense

At the very least, orthodox views of contract conclude, these considerations argue the harm-based effort to ground contract not in choice but rather in the morality of harm to a stalemate. The defense is not applicable in such cases.

A few early cases toyed with suggestions that substantively unfair terms might in themselves and without more render a contract unconscionable. The bank then withdrew its loan approval. Remember, even if at the end of the day one winds up criticizing Pollitt and it is hard to see how not to end up thereone should attempt to be as charitable as possible and to try to extract a significant argument from what appears to be a dreadful muddle.

Orthodox views emphasize that contractual other-regard, by contrast, possesses a thoroughgoingly anti-paternalist character. Here, Jane and Sam have a contract.

Theories of the Common Law of Contracts

Then a deal would be a deal, right. Jane's mistake as to the contents of the prepared contract should not excuse her performance under the contract. A unilateral mistake of the contents of a contract is not grounds for rescission or reformation of a contract.

Although Pollitt believes that such arrangements ought to be illegal for the same reasons that paid adoption "baby-selling" and prostitution are illegal, she also argues that even if they were legal, the terms of such contracts should not be enforceable.

The third party also loses the right to sue one party after he opts to place liability on the other party. How would you logically organize the many defenses in a contracts course. There are two extremes to avoid: Orthodox accounts of contract deploy these observations to argue that good faith in contract law requires less of parties than fiduciary loyalty and devotion.

The statute of limitations begins to toll when there has been a breach of the contract. But contractual promises, taken alone, seem capable of justifying contractual reliance or expectations only insofar as they obligate. Scanlon defends each of these rules of agreement-keeping by comparing the benefits that the rules confer to the burdens that they impose and arguing that, given the balance between these, it would be unreasonable for promisors who must bear the burdens to reject the rules, and that promisees may justifiably claim the benefits of the rules, as the formal structure of the harm theory requires.

However, the Statute of Frauds as to the brokerage agreeement does not mean that Ralph could not bind Jane to a contract as an agent. Contract remedies further reflect the forward-looking character of contract obligations.

Sample Essay How not to Criticize Contract Motherhood In her essay, "The Strange Case of Baby-M," Katha Pollitt offers a number of criticisms of commercial surrogate motherhood.

Lessons by Subject Outline - Contracts This Subject Outline allows you to search for terms of art that correspond to topics you are studying to find related CALI Lessons. The Contracts Index lists all CALI lessons covering Contracts. Contract Law Essays.

The selection of contract law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Please remember to reference if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work. A void contract is meaningless to begin with while a voidable contract is a valid contract except that it can be affirmed or rejected at the option of one of the parties.

Therefore, a contract entered into by a minor is enforceable at the discretion of the minor. Nov 02,  · Breach of contract defenses are legal defenses a person may raise when an opposing party claims he has committed a breach of contract.

The defenses a court considers valid may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but often include such things as mental incompetence, pressure to. Essay Paper on the Doctrine of Consideration What Is the Significance of the Doctrine of Consideration in the Law of Contracts Generally, a contract is considered to be an exchange of promises or an agreement between parties which legally binds these parties and that can be .

Defenses to a contract essay
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