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More often, however, researchers rely questionnaires. They used random sampling and a questionnaire to gather the information to be reviewed from these students as the authoritative parenting style is one compared to the others that improves secure being, focus, knowledge, and develops problem solving.

An authoritative parent is responsive to their children and is willing to listen to questions. Several other studies by Diane Baumrind have indicated that there is a positive link between authoritative parenting style and academic performance.

Authoritative parents are stern and strict and place high expectations on their children. This kind of parenting style is usually seen in middle class where the parents want their children to be independent from the very beginning in their life and want them to contribute in the household affairs.

In doing so, it discusses research and studies that tested the interaction between child self-efficacy and authoritative parenting.

The authoritative parenting style promotes this as parents discuss school events, peer relationships and emotions with the child.

Essay on Authoritative Parenting.

Authoritative Parenting Essay Sample Children do not come with guidelines or instructions. These children have a high level of interaction and cohesiveness within the family.

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A warm parent is full encouragement, bi directional communication, and love. In doing so, children will be viewed by peers as being kind, approachable and sometimes popular. They form a set of rules and principles for their kids that have to be followed by them. Authoritative parents hold themselves as role model for their children.

Authoritative Parenting Characteristics This is the style of parenting that shows their children warmth in exercising their authority and is very understanding and diplomatic in exerting their control over their children. Parent involvement without being over bearing is essential to maintain a balanced relationship with the child.

Authoritative Parenting Essay Sample

Does the Spanish research suggest that parenting styles work differently in Spain. The first parenting style was labeled Authoritarian Parenting which is defined as the parent that shows little warmth in the delivery of their control over their children and is very strict and acts in a dictatorship like manner when placing rules and limitations on their children.

They are given strict rules and standards bby which they must abide or suffer the consequences shall they obey.

Authoritarian vs. Authoritative Parenting Essay Sample

They are raised in a positive atmosphere filled with love and support. When this type of parenting is accomplished a child will be happy, content and successful.

Studies have proved that kids who are raised by authoritative parents tend to have high motivation levels, self-driven and confident. Get Access Authoritative Parenting Essay Sample This research paper will provide an overview of the research on authoritative parenting and the impact that it has on the development of pre-school and teenage children.

The final parenting style is Authoritative parenting. The authors of this abstract Mohammad, Nasirudin, Samadzadeh and Amini, clearly research and study over students from a national university.

This parenting style encourages a variety of positive outcomes for adolescents with quality, supportive friendships. Authoritative parents have a close and warm relationship with their children by giving their children love and nurturance.

The overprotective parent will also have tendencies of being over-controlling. The third style is referred to as the Uninvolved parenting which shows their children absolutely no warmth and exerts no control over their children, this type of parent sets no rules, limitations or expectations taking no interest what so ever in their children.

Since the parents are always around their children, hence their behavior and actions have a great impact on the child. These results contradicts research in the United States that links permissive parenting with inferior child outcomes.

I choose to be that warm and nurturing parent. Many studies have been conducted and these studies have produced statistics indicating the positive and negative effects on the short term and long term outcomes in the development of children that are currently being raised or have been raised under each of the parenting styles.

Authoritative Parenting Essay Sample. This research paper will provide an overview of the research on authoritative parenting and the impact that it has on the development of pre-school and teenage children.

Free Essay: Introduction Parenting a child from infant to the adult stage is a full-time responsibility that every parent takes on. The type of style used to. In conclusion, it can be seen from the studies that have been provided and analysed throughout the essay, and in addition with the conclusions that have been made in the previous section on authoritarian parenting (undermines a child's and adolescent's social skills), permissive and authoritative parenting (enhances a child's and adolescent's.

Authoritarian vs. Authoritative Parenting Essay Sample. Children do not come with guidelines or instructions. What they do come with is a crucial set of physical and emotional needs that need to be met.

Authoritative-parenting who are flexible and responsive to the child's needs but still enforce reasonable standards of authoritative approach involves effective parental communication with their offspring. Developing empathy and understanding creates a positive atmosphere in which the children can thrive.

Essay on Parenting. View authoritative parenting style essay from PSYC at SUNY Buffalo State College. My opinion on parenting styles is that authoritative is the most correct way. This style allows for the children%(11).

Essay on authoritative parenting
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