Essay on burning issues of pakistan

The disparity-ridden people are inclined to take to the street at the slightest provocation.

Pakistan Contemporary Issues Essay

After 20 years it has come down to 0. Above mentioned words of Hazrat Umar RZ are purely divine and true in its concept.

Ordinary person will have the permission to raise fingers on the Ameer if he is doing something wrong because Islam has given this right to every Muslim unlike capitalism where people just blather about their problems and no one listens to them. From thereon, Pakistan has come a long way.

Current issues in Pakistan

Pakistan is the 7th nuclear nation with 6th largest army yet it is afraid of western powers. The government has not done any planning to control this situation in the past two decades.

For the well to do class, life in Karachi may be fascinating, but for other citizens it is a center of drawbacks. At best there could be some short and long-term solutions to the crisis but they need immediate planning and execution with an enormous investment.

There has been an enormous increase in the demand of energy as a result of industrial development and population growth, in comparison to enhancement in energy production. She keeps her silence on drone attacks and other involvements from outside.

Islam forbids discrimination on the name of caste and areas so under the influence of Islamic system all the inhabitants of Pakistan will not be sectioned into groups but they will be treated as equals. The primary agricultural nonpoint source pollutants are nutrients particularly nitrogen and phosphorussediment, animal wastes, pesticides, and salts.

The answer is simple: From thereon, Pakistan has come a long way. List of natural disasters in Pakistan Due to Pakistan's diverse land and climatic conditions, it is prone to different forms of natural disasters, including earthquakesfloodstsunamisdroughtscyclones and hurricanes.

All the Political Parties and Political figures of the country are just busy in filling their own pockets forgetting that there is a nation behind them which needs their attention. Pakistan is a country whose main religion is Islam and was part of India before independence.

Karachi is also often subjected to terrorist activities. Alternative Energy Development Board was founded in may by Musharaf which aimed at the construction of Renewable energy resources in Pakistan especially using wind and solar energy.

Islam gave all the rights to the people, equal rights to men and women. Inthe Pakistani army launched a pursuit of Al-Qaeda members in the mountainous area of Waziristan on the Afghan border, although sceptics question the sincerity of this pursuit.

Environmental issues in Pakistan include deforestation, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, climate change, an increase in unregulated industrial emissions and the burning of garbage and plastic have contributed the most to air pollution in urban areas.

-The future/status of Democracy in Pakistan (There is a lot of talk about General Raheel Sharif retiring or not retiring and this is the longest democracy has gone on uninterrupted) -The Syria Crisis: Reason: This is the biggest. Nov 15,  · Current Burning Topics.

Sectarianism in Pakistan • Economy Asif-DMG Posts: Joined: Tue Nov 12, "A Burning Constitutional Issue: can Congress Protect the American First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Essay #2 Barn burning In this class project we had to read the book called Barn Burning.

On the contrary, if their issues, perceptions and ideas are not assessed and subsequently addressed opportunely, it may turn into a 'nightmare on street to prosperity.' Therefore, to avoid any debacle, all the problems of youth need to be remedied at the first instance; giving priority to the above-mentioned three most burning issues.

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Essay on burning issues of pakistan
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